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A court of Mist and Fury Review

A court of mist and fury (Book 2)

By Sarah J Maas



Any chance I can give this book 25 stars ??? My goodness!!!!!!!! The storytelling is beautiful . The character building is phenomenal. You will question Everything you think you know. Life for Feyre is everything and nothing like we expect . ⠀⠀

Also… Sarah knows how to write her Fae men. … I’m going to say what I told my friend today… if I were playing never have I ever .. and someone says .. “never have I ever wanted to bang a faerie”… I’d have to drink “ …

😳🤪whoa nelly Rhysand. Just wow. What a ride !!!



The book takes place a few months after ACOTAR ended with Feyre in her new life . She’s very depressed and not really coping with what has happened . Remember , she still needs to fulfill her bargain with Rhysand . So every month she needs to leave Tamlin behind and spend a few days with Rhysand . ⠀⠀

It’s a good thing she does … because sadly .. Tamlin truly isn’t helping her . He loves her and is too overprotective and overwhelming. Rhysand is able to let her cope and grow in ways she would never have imagined . ⠀⠀

As the book goes on, we see a lot of adventure, developments within characters and interactions that we will never forget . Twists and turns that leave your head spinning . ⠀⠀

Feyre has a tall order .. to learn how to be High fae and control her new found powers , to heal her soul , to discover how to put an end to absolute evil … and how she wants her future to be shaped . ⠀⠀

Absolutely fantastic book and I recommend it immensely!

**note: there is mature content in this book… steam engines roaring**

Ridiculously accurate Fanart of Rhysand and Feyre

“To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”- Rhysand

🥀Have you read this one or the rest of the series ? Adding it to your TBR? ⠀⠀

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